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Beyond the Numbers: A Connection to the Land

Author: Eric Gage My background and experience has led me to specialize in a certain type of real estate, timberland properties, and more specifically, timberland investment properties. This type of real estate is very rewarding in that I get to deal mostly with numbers.… Continue Reading “Beyond the Numbers: A Connection to the Land”

East Texas’ Bountiful Forests

A Resource for an Innovative Building Product   Author: Jeff Zwolinski After having spent over 25 years in the forest products manufacturing business, I have been fortunate to have observed many technological advances in the conversion of raw materials from the forest, such as… Continue Reading “East Texas’ Bountiful Forests”

Real Property

Author: Eric Gage One of the best and worst parts of being a land broker is that I would love to own nearly every property I go look at. East Texas is beautiful and each property has something unique about it. It might be… Continue Reading “Real Property”